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A good translation
connects people and
opens worlds

Various translations

"The importance of recognising specialist terminology and translating this correctly cannot be underestimated."

A broad range of texts...

for example brochures, diplomas, flyers, prospects, instructions leaflets, articles for magazines, job descriptions, websites, statements of bank accounts, emigration documents, medical texts, newsletters etc.

... in various fields

Such texts may also relate to various subjects / fields.
As of 1994 I provided translations for:

The almost unlimited possibilities of research on the internet and the cooperation with experts in a company in most cases make it possible to acquaint myself relatively quickly with a subject / field. If this is not possible (I always evaluate the text before I accept a translation assignment) I will inform you hereof.
I feed researched terms and their translations into a database, which enables me to revert to these the next time I make a translation of a text with sometimes very business-specific terminology. This contributes to my being able to guarantee a consistent use of terminology.