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A good translation
connects people and
opens worlds


Rosenbrand Translations charges the following fees.

The main factor for the determination of the fee for a translation is the size of the text, or: the number of words. For this purpose the number of words of the target text, i.e. the translation, is counted in Word.
On the basis hereof the following rates apply -exclusive of 21% VAT- for translations
English >Dutch, German > Dutch and vice versa:

- general translations: € 0,18 p.w.
- legal translations: € 0,18- 0,24 p.w.
- translations containing specific terminology: € 0,18- 0,24 p.w.
- sworn translations: € 0,04 p.w. extra

I charge a minimum fee of € 60,00 for small translation assignments (less than 300 words).

The following additional fees are charged:
- for work in the evening: 50%
- for work during the weekend: 100%

Reductions may be awarded in case of large amounts of text and/or texts that are similar to a large degree.

Extra expenses, e.g. for registered mail, or for an express delivery are separately charged.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for an offer. For this purpose a text in Word needs to be submitted. For  a text in a PDF-file I can give you an estimate of the translation fees to be expected.