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Legal translations

"The translation of a legal text requires a translation from one legal language into another legal language."

Legal texts

Among other things these include: all kinds of agreements, general terms and conditions, judgments, pleadings, but also for example summaries of legal dissertations.

The translation of legal texts: an abundance of pitfalls.

As legal terminology is firmly embedded in a legal system, for the translation of legal texts a translator requires special skills: a translation is made from one legal language into another legal language. Apart from his/her linguistic qualities, the translator of a legal text also needs to possess knowledge of the legal systems of both the source- and the target language.

The following example with regard to the translation of the Dutch 'notaris' illustrates this:
Although the English 'solicitor' and the Dutch 'notaris' have a lot in common, their tasks only partially overlap. The scope of powers of a Dutch 'notaris' is much larger than that of a 'notary' or a 'notary public', so a direct translation is not acceptable and would therefore set the reader on the wrong foot.

The translation 'civil law notary', possibly with a an explanation in a footnote, indicates that a Dutch notary is meant here. In this way, the reader cannot so easily misinterpret the intended meaning. 

Legal background

My legal degree (University of Tilburg) and my SIGV diplomas legal translator English and German guard you against a lot of these pitfalls. Thorough research and consultation with the client, as just like lawyers, translators cannot be up to date with regard to all areas of law,  finally result in a translation of your legal text that is faithful in every respect.