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Astrid Rosenbrand

Astrid Rosenbrand

Rosenbrand Translations is managed by Astrid Rosenbrand.

Diplomas + sworn translator

I am a sworn translator, registered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers) under number 2115 for the language-pairs English-Dutch/Dutch-English and German-Dutch/Dutch-German.

Relevant memberships

I am a member of:

These memberships enable me to keep myself informed of all developments in translation and in related fields and thus continuously provide my clients with a professional service.

Relevant work experience

As of 1994 I have worked as a freelance translator. Since then I have made numerous translations for government agencies, companies and private persons.
Being both a translator and a -Dutch- lawyer I am specialised in legal translations. However, when companies try and gain a foothold in a foreign country, apart from the translation of legal documents such as (rental-, labour-, cooperation-) agreements, additional and numerous other documents often need to be translated. Think of brochures, texts for websites, but also advertisements in newspapers and even Christmas cards! As companies often prefer to keep all translations concentrated in one place, I have expanded from my specialty legal field to also translate these other texts. In close cooperation with selected companies and their experts I now provide a more comprehensive translation service.
In addition, I have specialised in translating documents for prospective emigrants from Dutch into English.
A list of my clients may be requested.